Cody Yard

Distinguished Faculty


Cody has been a police officer with the city of Apple Valley, MN for 10 years. He has been a patrol officer throughout his career. Cody has held different supplemental positions throughout his career. He is currently a K9 handler, firearms instructor, a member of the peer support team, a crisis negotiator with the South Metro SWAT CNT team, and is also a law enforcement presenter and coach for Minnesota CIT.

Cody has a strong passion for mental health and crisis response. He recognizes the need for a shift in how law enforcement responds to these types of calls, and the significant rise of crisis and check the welfare calls. Cody is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety in these dynamic situations.

He is an avid reader of all things mental health related, and brings that information back to the law enforcement community. He has attended multiple trainings in mental health, and he also has a passion for self-care for law enforcement professionals.

Cody was awarded Crisis Negotiator of the Year in 2023. He responded to three separate attempts of suicide by jumping from a bridge where he was able to come to a successful resolution with those individuals and self harm was avoided.

In his spare time Cody is pursuing his own business in photography and videography, trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, spends time hiking, hunting, and camping, and is always searching for the best slice of pizza.