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Our focus has always been an emphasis on partnering with our municipal clients and providing unparalleled service, coupled with a focus on training, and education at all levels of law enforcement. As law and the public sentiment continue to evolve, providing peace officers with the knowledge and skills to navigate their sworn duties, all while providing training that is informative, engaging and focused on partnerships with communities and access to justice is more important than ever before.

Our law enforcement training courses are driven to empower participants to serve their communities with honor and integrity while being equipped with the appropriate tools for decision-making. These courses include lecture presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and annual conference and retreats facilitated by various experts in the field regarding the most relevant subject matters.

Education and curriculum development is led by attorney Imran Ali, a former Washington County Attorney, Assistant Criminal Division Chief, and Director of the East Metro Human Trafficking Taskforce. Imran is an experienced trial lawyer, having handled some of the most complicated cases in Minnesota. He is a frequent presenter to prosecutors, law enforcement, and other criminal justice professionals throughout Minnesota. Imran provides training for police departments nationwide and is a frequent presenter for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Imran brings his knowledge, passion, and integrity to each course offered. As part of these training courses, our team at Eckberg Lammers hand selects the finest prosecutors, members of law enforcement, judges, and other experts in the criminal justice field to join our team of presenters. Each course is thoughtfully planned and carefully curated to foster impactful and thoughtful insight.

Comprehensive Listing of Trainings Available

  • POST Approved Trainings

    Are you seeking training for your agency? The following is a list of courses provided by LETAC. If you don’t see the credits you require, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we are continually creating fresh and interesting educational content.

    Use of Force in Minnesota: The Evolution of the Legal Standard 4.0 10596-0001
    Life of a Litigation Lawsuit 2.0 10596-0002
    Problematic Issues Arising Each Agency Faces and Prevention Solutions You Need 1.0 10596-0003
    Write the Perfect Report – Law Enforcement Report Writing Techniques Explained 1.0 10596-0004
    Criminal Court 101 – From Arrest to Charging and Sentencing 1.0 10596-0005
    In Court Testimony – Making Points with the Judge and Jury 2.0 10596-0006
    Life of a Litigation Lawsuit 3.0 10596-0007
    Mental Health Crisis Response for Minnesota Law Enforcement – Better Service through Innovative Approaches 4.0 10596-0008
    Foundation, Wellness, and Resilience: Becoming the Best You 7.0 10596-0009
    Foundational Training for Police Officers: Writing the Perfect Report, In-Court Testimony, and Criminal Court 101 – From Arrest to Charging and Sentencing 4.0 10596-0010
    Use of Force in Minnesota: The Evolution of the Legal Standard 7.0 10596-0011
    What You Do Matters, Lessons from the Holocaust: Ethical and Bias Free Policing in the 21st Century 3.0 10596-0012
    Communicating through Culture, Crisis, Conflict 4.0 10596-0013
    Diversity with Emphasis on Implicit Bias 2.0 10596-0014
    Communicating Through Conflict 2.0 10596-0015
    Crisis Intervention and Mental Illness Crises (CIMIC) Training 6.0 10596-0016
    Law Enforcement Guide to Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 4.0 10596-0017
    Recognizing and Valuing Community Diversity and Cultural Differences to Include Implicit Bias 3.0 10596-0018
    First Amendment Rights for Public Sector Employees 1.0 10596-0019
    Conflict Management/Mediation 3.0 10596-0021
    Violent Crimes Summit 5.0 10596-0023
    Risks of Social Media in the Workplace: Conflict, Employment Concerns, Public Perception & Brady/Giglio 2.0 10596-0024
    Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification Course 40.0 10596-0025
    Report Writing and Courtroom Skills 4.0 10596-0026
    Emerging Police Agency Issues: The Law & Policy That Each Department Must Know 3.0 10596-0027
    Rules of Engagement; A Law Enforcement’s Guide to Intervene and Render Aid 2.0 10596-0028
    4th Amendment and Traffic Stops 2.0 10596-0029
    North American Human Trafficking Conference 2022 20.0 10596-0030
    Evidence Management; Understanding the “Chain of Custody” From Collection to Destruction 24.0 10596-0031
    Criminal Justice Mental Health Summit 16.0 10596-0032
    Navigating Cultural Differences in a Globalized Society 2.0 10596-0033
    Navigating Conflict in a Globalized Society 2.0 10596-0034
    Constitutional Law: The 4th Amendment and The Expectations 4.0 10596-00035
    Crisis Intervention Strategies and Mental Health Awareness for Law Enforcement 4.0 10596-00036
    PAUSE: A Law Enforcement’s Guide to Navigating Conflict 3.0 10596-00037
    Communicating Through Culture 3.0 10596-00038


    North American Use of Force 2023 Symposium 10596-00039
    Code 4 Family; Law Enforcement Mental Health Awareness 16.0 10596-00040
    Supervisor Training Series 18.0 10596-00041
    Juvenile Violent Crimes Summit 6.0 10596-00042
    Wellness and Resilience-Becoming the Best You 11.0 10596-00043

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In Our Clients’ Words

Imran brings to his training an engaging delivery that will ensure students readily consume the information that he couples with his expertise in criminal prosecution and investigations. It’s his real-world experience and subject matter expertise that ensures students are best equipped after leaving his courses with information that will improve their delivery of services in the communities they serve.
Law Enforcement Training Academy & Consulting Attendee
Imran is an amazing, passionate, persuasive, and informative speaker. To say I have been impressed is an understatement. He is a veteran faculty member for the National District Attorney’s Association. Imran has been a leader in providing training, technical assistance and other support for members of the criminal justice system and allied professionals all over the country. He is recognized as the go-to expert on human trafficking and not only demonstrates deep knowledge on the subject, but a passion for protecting the most vulnerable communities.
Candace M. Mosley, Director of Programs—National District Attorney’s Association