We not only provide the best legal consultation from experienced and dedicated attorneys, we also provide many services in between. Whether you are a law enforcement agency looking for assistance in interpretation of digital forensic data, or an attorney preparing for a complex litigation needing experienced support, our investigative support team can help. Investigative Support Services include:

Complex Litigation Preparation

Review case information, analyze and collaborate with individuals involved in the case in order to organize all information effectively and efficiently.

Organization is key when getting cases prepared for trial. When you are organized from the moment you receive the case, it will make preparing your trial notebook, witness lists, and everything in between a breeze.

Digital Forensics Examination

Forensic examination includes investigation and analysis of material found in digital devices such as cell phones and computers relating to an investigation. Information related to the case will be organized and saved in a report for law enforcement to corroborate and investigate.

Law Enforcement Investigative Support

Assists law enforcement agencies from the beginning of an investigation through the prosecution and conviction of criminals through preparation, organization and analysis of cases.

We can also provide proactive investigation of social media and open source data.

Analyst Data Reports & Interpretation

Preparing data reports and interpreting data from digital forensic examinations, police reports, jail calls, social media and any other sources of information provided.

Education & Training Assistance

The Law Enforcement Training Academy and Consulting (LETAC) group provides training and education services designed specifically for law enforcement agencies, municipal prosecutors, and other municipal personnel.

Our Investigative Team Can Help

In Our Clients’ Words

As the lead criminal analyst for the East Metro Human Trafficking Task Force, Aimee has spent the last several years providing assistance to law enforcement on some of the most complicated cases. Aimee’s computer and cell phone forensic analysis has been instrumental for law enforcement investigating these cases to provide a complete report so prosecutors can hold the perpetrators responsible.
Dan Starry, Sheriff, Washington County Sheriff’s Office