Call for Speakers ‘Force in Focus Symposium From Conflict to Cooperation’ Indianapolis 2024

LETAC is pleased to announce the return of the Force in Focus Symposium, a vital platform for advancing constructive and inclusive discussions on the complex and divisive issue of the use of force in law enforcement. Renewed and committed to fostering meaningful dialogue that transcends political divides, the three-day summit is scheduled to take place at Hilton Hotel & Suites in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Force in Focus Symposium aims to bring together a diverse array of experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from across the United States. With a goal to engage in reflections, explore innovative transformations, and seek collaborative solutions.

During the conference, our speakers will provide a candid examination of lessons learned from past practices and incidents. They will share strategies for reinventing policies that prioritize transparency, community engagement, and accountability. In an era marked by heightened media scrutiny, the symposium will focus on ensuring the safety and resilience of law enforcement.

“Our symposium goes beyond the headlines to provide a space for honest reflection, exploration, and collaboration. We believe in the power of dialogue to shape the future of law enforcement practices, and the Force in Focus Symposium serves as a catalyst for change,” said Imran Ali.

To contribute to this important dialogue, LETAC is actively seeking speakers who can provide valuable insights, experiences, and solutions related to the use of force in law enforcement. Interested individuals are invited to submit their proposals by December 22nd through the following link:


The Force in Focus Symposium is designed for active sworn law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and criminal justice professionals in law enforcement offices. It provides a unique opportunity for those on the front lines of justice to engage in discussions that will shape the future of law enforcement practices.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, May 7 – Thursday, May 9, 2024

Location: Hilton Hotel & Suites, 120 West Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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